Dec 1, 2010

Oh My! Times have changed.

My memory is still good! I can actually recall the days when I could have pulled this off ~ or better yet Santa could have pulled it off me!
Wink wink! 

Oh come on people ~
Why do you think he winked all the time?!


Dar said...

OK, we know you didn't get that naughty attitude from MOM or DAD, so surely, it must have been UNCLE did adapt his mischievous grin, ya know.
I see you need your heart blessed again.

Dar said...

I lost my 2nd comment about you being the best Santa for all the kids one Christmas at the farm, but you couldn't fool your own kids.
You really did do a great job.
There was something else in that comment about Lin's naughty Scrabble word that she tried to get away with,~~~hmmm, Puddy? Ain't she puddy in her new nighty...see what you started...LOL

Cathy Clementz said...

I am impressed!!! You look darn good!

~mel said...

okay... you said you can actually recall the day ~ dang girl... you have a great memory being able to remember that far back! lol When was that??? Let me guess the year ~ 1971-72ish??? FUNNY POST CHER!!

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

Red is your color ... winky wink

jack69 said...

"Wink"! Ah ha!

In a wink!

The Retired One said...

Hope she can breathe the frosty air in that outfit. hahaa

Dragonfly Treasure said...


Darcie said...

Ha, And I do remember you being Santa, rosy cheeks and all. ;) ;)