Jan 30, 2010

Give me Colors

As much as I love the change of seasons, after several months of snow covered ground, I begin to long for color.  White is beautiful for a while, but give me some green.  Give me pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, etc. etc. Give me colors!! I'm really not complaining, after all, it's my choice to live here,  it's just that I appreciate color. 

Jan 29, 2010

Fortune Cookie

We went out to eat at a wonderful Chinese restaurant last night. My fortune cookie said "Tomorrow you will shine in creativity." 

Well tomorrow is here and I have to believe whomever that cookie was intended for ~ it most certainly was not intended for me.  To even attempt being creative, I would first have to clean. I can't even find the countertop of my crafting area.  I hate to tell you but that is just not going to happen ~ at least not today.

Ah, but here's a thought... I could take one project into the family room, there's a bare tabletop in there.  I might have to pull out something to tinker with just so my fortune comes true.  lol

Now where's my crystal ball to see what I should do ~

Jan 26, 2010

Wine: The Nectar of the Gods

I did this 'WINE' scrapbook page a couple of years ago and seeing it again inspired some thoughts.

I have to admit, my husband is not a God ~ but he does like his wine! But who doesn't like wine? I just prefer mine a little sweeter than what he prefers his.  I know, it has something to do with that huge sweet tooth I've inherited from my father. 

As I was looking at the snow surrounding the arbor we built last summer, I was daydreaming (actually hoping) that the grapes we planted last year will survive our winter and crawl up and over the arbor within a few years, producing an abundance of fruit.

The leaves canopying the arbor like a little sanctuary, providing privacy from the outside world. Long white sheer panels swagged to the side lofting gently in the breeze, a bench, flowers, candles and wine glasses toasting last years harvest, while setting there gazing at those Concord grapes, hanging in mass, ripening for the present season.  My bottles are ready and waiting. Mmm ...  the scene, the scents, the ambiance.

Sigh...Ok, I'm back now.   

Jan 23, 2010

Is Hibernating an Option?

Today is just one of those dark gray days, when I wish hibernation were an option. Sometimes I think the bear has the right idea, it would be nice to just sleep away these kind of days and not wake up until the sun comes out and the air is fresh but warm. The older I get the less I like winter.  I loved it as a child. My brothers and sisters and I spent hours and hours playing in the snow. Digging tunnels, making snowmen, snow forts, snowball fights and snow angels.  But today I'm just wishing I were a hibernating bear! Too bad I'm not tired enough to sleep. Yawn!!

Jan 18, 2010

Here's Looking at You!

A couple of days ago I posted pictures of moose looking in at me from when we lived in Alaska. These pictures were taken that same day from my dining room window here in Michigan.

I just love everything about nature!!

Jan 17, 2010

Roses mid Winter

I'm longing for winter to be over. As much as I love the change of seasons, once January hits I start looking forward to spring. Last year we planted roses and I'm so anxious to see how well they'll handle our winters here in Upper Michigan.  We insulated them with maple leaves in chicken wire cages. So hopefully our following directions will pay off so we can enjoy their beauty year after year. .

Jan 16, 2010

Moose on the Loose

When we lived WAY up north, in North Pole, Alaska we had frequent visitors pass through our yard. They are called moose! While sitting in the office it would be nothing to see them walking right past the house and occainally peeking in at us. Now let me tell you... the first time this happened it scared the bageebees out of me. With only a pane of glass between me and that huge animal, it took my breath away. I immediatlly envisioned that monster landing on top of me if it fell through that window. I learned to not make direct eye contact and to always watch that their ears don't lie back flat, a sure sign they they are uneasy about something. We had to watch very closely every time we walked out the door, as not to startle them. But with all said and done it was such a great experience seeing them that up-close and personal. Just one part of why I miss Alaska so much and am ever so thankful for the experience of living there.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of my past.

Jan 7, 2010

Dolls ~ How do they get their names?

I couldn't begin to tell you how many dolls have held a prominent place in either my heart, the hearts of my sisters, my daughters and now my Grandaughters.  Dolls certainly hold a special place in the hearts of little girls, regardless of what timeframe they are born in or what branch they are hanging on in the family tree.

Of course once a doll is placed into the hands of its new "mommy", she then has the honor of naming her new "baby."

You just never know what is in the minds of little ones as they go through the "naming" process.
I remember naming my dolls Penny and Nicky (short for nickle) because that particular year I was learning about how to count money. Very clever ~ don't you agree?  A generation later I have to believe my daughter named her doll by recognizing words that went together.  She named her baby Polly. But not just Polly, if you asked her she would let you know in no uncertain terms that her babies name was Polly Esther.  lol  Oh how her Great Aunts loved that name. They remembered that doll and her name for many years to follow. My youngest daughter had a not so handsome boy cabbage patch doll whom she named Homer. Her Uncle teasingly made a comment about her "ugly" little baby and she said "he's not ugly he's Homer Lee."  Another doll unforgotton. 

Our Grandaughters recieved numerous gifts from numerous people again this year. Books, video games, cameras, sleds etc. etc. and of course a few new dollies.  Well our little Sydney recieved a special new baby and she named her Kelly. But once again, following in her Mothers footsteps; she listened to words that she knew belonged together... after all her sister recieved a computer game called "Kelly's Pet Parade."  You guessed it ~ that's her babies name.  Not just Kelly, but "Kelly's Pet Parade!"  I guess it's true: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.   

Jan 3, 2010

Things I'd Rather be Doing

I'd rather be heading down the old woods trail....

Or heading off to the garden ...                             

than to be dealing with this awful HEAD COLD that I have. I miss summer!

Jan 1, 2010

Random Thoughts about My Past Year

I've explored too little and ached too much. I had such great hopes of exploring more of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which is right out our backdoor. We spent many hours this past year doing outdoor projects like finishing off our fenced in garden, building birdhouses, a log swing and a grape arbor, just to name a few.  But now that those projects are completed, this will become our summer of fun. We've lived here for nearly 5 years in some beautiful country and want to discover more of it.  We're within an hours drive of both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, and loving the water as much as we do, we plan to visit both lakes more often this year.

And back to my aching; shame on me, I know its because I was lax on exercising this past year. This too shall pass. I don't make New Years resolutions like in the past ~ because it became the same old chant from one year to the next and never with any results. So I refuse to once again vow to "lose weight", I will however become more active and aware of my own physical being.

I am so blessed with "stuff" that I need to start sorting through some of it and downsize. I want to be prepared for whatever comes my way. Having lost my first husband to leukemia 10 years ago, I know how life can change in a heartbeat. Don't be concerned - I have great faith and am not worried about what my future may hold, but I am feeling the effects of natural aging and knowing I still have the abilities and strength to pack up boxes for Good Will, garage sales etc., it's time to sort and give.  Honestly, do I really need 6 HUGE boxes of Christmas "stuff?"

And now that I shared this in print ~ I can read it again as my own reminder!