Nov 27, 2010

Close Up - But What?

Look at what was looking at me
 How would you like to see
some moose pass by your window?
Oh how I miss my Alaskan experiences
We tossed them some cabbage
 But they still loved to browze
Then they napped in our lawn ~
perfect view from the kitchen.
The moose cow and calf
 set up camp in our yard for
a couple of months
 back in 2004.

Nov 26, 2010

Wine Anyone?

I did this scrap page a while back.
Wine ~ we like wine!
But what to do
with all those empty bottles ...

Suggestions welcome!

Nov 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving
May every day
be a time
to reflect on
your blessings!

Nov 23, 2010


From the first signs of spring until the last leaf drops in the fall - we seem to go non-stop around here.  But now that there's snow on the ground:
My animals have gone through reincarnation:
 My ass is a dragon!

Pics are from the internet "Shrek" movie.

I just love the Shrek animation series.

In other words: My get up and go has got up and gone!  But this too shall pass.

Nov 21, 2010


The snow has barely hit the ground
but I'm already missing
my summer flowers. 
To see more of my flowers
on my Today's Flowers label

Nov 19, 2010

My Pillow Fetish

I have fallen in love with throw pillows.
Southwestern styles came with the sofa.
All the others I found for $1.00 a piece
Oh how I love the Good Will Store.
Can you believe only a buck a piece?  
Aren't they beauties? 

Nov 18, 2010

Best Turkey Ever

With Thanksgiving a week away I've been thinking about the best turkey I had ever roasted.  It was in 2002 and we were liivng in Alaska at the time.  We invited our closest friends over to join us and the feast was on

This photo found on Simply 

I had found the recipe in a magazine. No, I don't remember which one. Yes - I probably still have the issue as I can't seem to part with magazines very easily. (but I have reduced my subscriptions down to just a few) So I know somewhere in one of my 2002 issues I should be able to retrieve the BEST TURKEY recipe ever - but where?!   
To the best of my recollection it was an olive oil rub with herbs that was placed under the skin as well as on top. But do you think I can drag out of my memory bank exactly what all was in it?   Herbs, minced garlic, worchestershire sauce, soy sauce????  Whatever it was - it was soooooo GOOD - that I recall for sure.  So does my husband as he mentions it whenever I make a turkey.  Excuse me as I start hunting through old magazines. 

Nov 16, 2010

FOG - Or is it just my mind?

We are in a fog again ...
or is it just my mind?  
I feel myself sinking 
into BLAH blah land.
Not to worry -
this too shall pass. 
But when it's so
gray & lifeless
 it's hard to find

Nov 13, 2010

Snow - Beautiful Snow

There's SNOWplace like home!
There's snowplace like home!

I wish I could have slipped into some ruby slippers and clicked my heels together to instantly tranport me back to my home this morning, rather than the drive on snow covered roads.
We went 'home' to visit with my Mom and siblings for a few days, but when the weather took a turn for the worse we decided to try and beat the worst of the storm and head for our 'home' a couple of days earlier than planned.  Wet slushy icy snow covered roads caused some accidents along our way, but thankfully none involved us. After the first hours drive, the roads warmed enough to melt off the snow for ease in driving. 
 Mom had her house resided and new windows put in this fall. This was our first time seeing it. Prior to this the house was white with red gable ends.  I love the 'gingerbread' appearance as you approach the house now, however...
 the backside of the building looks a little larger than a 'gingerbread' type house. 
Even the chicken's had their coop redone to match the house.

Nov 10, 2010

The Edmund Fitzgerald

 The Edmund Fitzgerald

I did this scrapbook page a while back but I thought I'd share it today

Nov 7, 2010

Brightening the Day

We are in that dull stage of fall when the beautiful leaves have already blown away and the grass is dead or dying.  I came across this picture that I took at my Mom's home in Wisconsin this summer and it brightened my day. 
Do enjoy -

Nov 4, 2010

The Old Barn

I was just reading a great blog I follow called Ships Log where Jack took a picture that inspired me to share a couple of scrapbook pages I did last year. Thanks Jack.
The house just had a facelift however; I haven't been 'home' yet to see the new siding and windows. I can hardly wait to see the changes.

I loved growing up here.

Nov 1, 2010

How Time Flies

We were hoping to get back up to Lake Superior this summer, but it didn't happen. We live an hour away and it didn't happen.  Instead we allowed ourselves to get super busy. Between our own yard work, gardening, weddings etc. we neglected our own play time.  There's no one to blame but ourselves but when I got looking through some pictures I was amazed how long it had actually been since I snapped some photos up there.  These pics are from 2006 - seems impossible that much time has passed by so quickly. I think we had only been up there once since but I didn't take pictures.  You'll see why I want to go back.