Nov 15, 2014

Opening Day of Hunting Season

Its opening day of hunting season ~
I got my shot at the deer with the camera. 

Right from the comfort of my warm house. 

Nov 12, 2014

First Storm of the Season

Brr … what a difference two weeks makes!  On Oct 30th we picked fresh lettuce from the garden and sliced up the last of our ripened tomatoes for a meal of BLT's. Today is Veteran's Day (THANK YOU TO ALL OUR REAL HEROES) and we had a snow storm.

Between last night and today we had over a foot and a half of snow to move and more expected to fall tomorrow. Drifting caused this first snow to swell up to my hips.  And it wasn't that light fluffy stuff either - it was damp and heavy! I had a good cardio workout moving it. But the good news is - it gave my guy a chance to try out his new snow blower ~ and it worked great.