Sep 19, 2013

Harvest Time 2013

Canning Season 
 Yummy - home grown carrots! 
 Pickled Beets 
 Canned Tomatoes
 End of Season Mix
 and Stewed Tomatoes 
Green Tomatoes and Dilly Tomatoes 
 and dehydrated Herbs 
 Another batch of parsley
 and garden onions - mmm 
and fresh potatoes 
and will I find time to dry the thyme?
 and more 
 and more tomatoes? 

Sep 15, 2013

Spaghetti Feed

As a group, we decided that last night was what we would consider the “first” of our annual spaghetti feeds under the arbor.

It was so much fun sharing laughs, wonderful food, wine and music with good friends. Even the weather cooperated. 

 The ambiance was perfect.

Complete with grapes hanging overhead.

Thom and Cheryl – that’s me! 

Dave and Rhonda 

Shauna and Paco 

And Ken; our gracious host! 

I cherish moments like this 
and the memories they build. 

Sep 4, 2013

Beef Jerky & More

I love this time of year
BLT's for supper
made with fresh garden tomatoes
We canned 9 quarts of carrots today
and still have half in the ground,
dehydrated summer and zucchini chips
and green beans for snacking.
And a couple of days ago we made
home-made beef jerky.