Feb 24, 2011

Tip Toeing Barefoot

I've been doing a LOT of daydreaming lately. I've planted and replanted my garden at least a dozen times. I've hung flowing curtains on my arbor, dug in the dirt, rearranged rock gardens, plucked flowers from my gardens and tip-toed barefoot across the dew kissed grass ... but only in my mind. I've toasted marshmellows over an open fire, drank iced tea, clipped fresh herbs and walked in the warm rain ... but only in my mind.  Until then I will just share some scrap pages of my beautiful blooms from last summer!

See why I'm having such a hard time being patient!
Dang snow!!!

Feb 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Mom & Dad's anniversay. Although Dad passed away a few years ago  he is certainly never forgotten. So as a tribute to Mom and Dad and their years together I will share a couple of scrap pages I've done!

Yes that little cutie in the middle is ME!
Are you tired of my scrapbooking yet? 

Feb 21, 2011

Longing for Spring!

CherShots Scrapbook Page

Author: unknown

Spring is far away.

Wait! The world shall waken;

It is not dead, for lo,

The fair Maids of February

Stand in the snow!

Feb 18, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

I'm short! And with age working against me I believe I'm already starting to shrink, and not in a good way either!  I'm shrinking in height, not width! My dream of someday reaching the back corners of my cupboards is useless.  So I improvised!  I took two old cassette racks, removed the spindles and compressed them into lazy susans.  Then "abra kadabra" a wave of my hand and "poof" - perfect for those deep corners I was speaking of. But first what the heck is all that stuff back in that dark abyss? Oh my goodness ... am I alone in saving containers for future use?  Please tell me I'm not alone! But to be honest even I was shocked at how many things I had shoved back into that one cupboard. 
And all this stuff too!
 First step: Empty and clean cupboard!
Next: Insert home fangled lazy susan.
 And finale step: Reload and rotate as needed.
I love a success story!

Repost ~ Enjoy!

Ok, I'm guilty .... just went back through some of my old posts and I like this one a lot so I thought I would share it again:


Hope you like it
'hugs from afar'

Feb 17, 2011

You are now entering ~

 ~ the twilight zone!  No, no, no ... not the television show from years ago but the 'ugly stage' of winter.  We woke up to a dense fog this morning.  Although the weather is warming up to which I am happy - it leads to the 'ugly stage' of winter!  Snow is melting, mud is forming as the wet and dampness in the air is playing bongos on my knees and elbows.  I wish I could fast forward to green grass and dry yards.  That was one of the huge differences I noticed while living in Alaska.  Spring in Alaska comes quickly.  You would not believe how fast the buds turn to leaves 'Way Up North.' Two weeks tops for the transition!  But here in what most of the U.S. calls 'Up North' spring carries on for what seems like forever.  At the very least a couple of months vs. a couple of weeks.
Scrap page done by CherShots

Feb 15, 2011

Bright Spot

There's a new bright spot in the house!  After being chosen as the lucky winner of a gorgeous 'goldfinch drawing' on TexWisGirl's blog - I now have a bright little piece of spring in the living room. Thanks again Texwisgirl ~ you light up my life!

Feb 13, 2011

My Scrap for You!

~ Happy Valentine's Day ~
'hugs from afar '

Feb 11, 2011

Sister ~ Sister

My older sister whom is now deceased, was hospitalized several years ago.  I told my other sisters that I was going to see her so if they wanted to ride along they were more than welcome.  So we all loaded into my car and off we went.  First stop was to pick up some 'gifts' to make her smile. Now please note that our oldest sister has a tendency to 'mother' the rest of us ... regardless that we were all in our 30's to 50's at the time.  Anyways as we are going into the store she reminds us that we should really stay close by one another.  Well this just cracked us up!  So we took ahold of one anothers hands and walked in like a line of little ducks following her. Then when we got into the store we would extend our arms making sure our fingertips still touched saying "Sister, Sister" as if we were little kids afraid to be seperated. We all had a hoot! We still remind her of this on occasion. 
As we were shopping; besides finding gifts for Lana we also found some "Groucho Marx" glasses to put on before we entered her room ~ after all isn't 'laughter the best medicine?"  She laughed so hard, along with all the nurses and the people walking down the hallway. But after our visit we tucked the glasses into our purses and pockets and proceeded to get on the elevator.  Well this one young fella got on with us. He kept his back to us and stood right up close to the door. I nodded to my sisters in suggestion that we put our glasses on.   So when we had them in place I said, "excuse me but do you see a family resemblance?"  He turned around and in a moment of shock, his hand covered his wallet ~ as if we were a team of gangsters I guess ~ and to his relief the door opened.  There we stood chuckling as we got off the elevator and as others were getting on.  They were all laughing as that one poor guy high tailed it out of there. Eventually he did turn around and smile.  It was all very innocent - honestly!  Our entire lives we've heard that there is a strong family resemblance. You be the judge!

                             Cher                      Lin                      Dar                   Col                   Mel

Feb 10, 2011

Put on a Happy Face!

Sometimes when outside presssures 
get you down - like
the kids running around acting crazy,
the weather stinks or you have health issues
... you just have to pull yourself together
and put on a happy face!
At the very least
I hope this made you
for a moment!
Have yourself a WONDERFUL day!

Feb 6, 2011

February's Flower

In the early 1900's
Lady Mary Wortley Montague
developed a language of flowers in
which significant sentimental
meanings and thoughts
were assigned to many flowers

February's traditional flower
is the blue violet and
its sentimental meaning is:
 pictures found online

Feb 5, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Dates

My husband and I have a standing Saturday morning date from 8:00 - 10:30.  Not too long ago he was asking me if I remembered the televisoin min-series "How the West was Won" starring James Arness, Brian Keith and several others. It's about the Macahan family. I did recall it but hadn't seen it in years! And I mean years! Well the series is now showing on Saturday mornings on the Western Classics Channel. We're loving it! 
graphic found on net

Feb 3, 2011

Dog Gone It

Too frustrated to blog tonight - just did a page about computer issues and the dang post disappeared - go figure! I've been having trouble leaving comments too so if you don't get them from me - I appologize.  However; I am still enjoying your blogs.  I'll try again later - until then I will try to figure this mess out. See you later!

Feb 2, 2011

I Like That!

Do you ever just spot something in a store,
  magazine or maybe online and
say "I LIKE THAT!"
 Well I was just jumping around
some internet sites and came across
 some of those very things.

refurbished like this