Feb 10, 2011

Put on a Happy Face!

Sometimes when outside presssures 
get you down - like
the kids running around acting crazy,
the weather stinks or you have health issues
... you just have to pull yourself together
and put on a happy face!
At the very least
I hope this made you
for a moment!
Have yourself a WONDERFUL day!


Dar said...

Your Smiling Face, always makes me feel like a better day...

texwisgirl said...

It definitely made me laugh! I got to the post office today so your little birdie is on its way north! :)

Remington said...

Hey, I think I need one of those today....

Cathy Clementz said...

THAT looks how I wish I felt!! I just had an eye exam and my eyes are dialated, so everything is a blur!!! How's my typing???!!!

jack69 said...

Cher, it made me laugh! Thanks for a happy time. You are sooooo cute!!!!!

Love from Florida!!!

Fred Alton said...

Even brought a smile to my face! ☻