Jan 31, 2013

Homemade Reuben Sandwiches

I baked bread today.  Two loaves of Caraway Rye Molasses Bread and two loaves of Seven Grain Sourdough Flax Bread.   And because I had a Corned Beef Brisket in the oven as the bread was rising ... of course "Reuben Sandwiches" popped into my mind.  That and the fact that my dear man has been dropping hints for about a week that he's had a 'taste' for a Reuben! And we have a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' marriage - so now I have some leverage to work with!  Am I wrong?!

Corned Beef Brisket

cooked to perfection 

on top of fresh Caraway Rye Molasses Bread 

topped with cheese

and a homemade sauce ... oh it was so good! 

And what is this I see ... on the cake plate? 

Why it's my favorite - Aunt Unique's Chocolate Cake for dessert! 

Jan 28, 2013

Fresh Snow

Our little cabin in the woods.

Okay, so maybe it's a birdhouse/feeder, but it's a cabin! 

Old Man Winter's resting spot! 

Look! I have a new hat! 

Do you see what I see? 

Can you see me now? 

Jan 20, 2013

Winter Has Arrived!

A week ago we had very little snow - which is unusual for this time of year!  Well ... that's changed!  We have a nice snow cover now - it's only about 5 or 6 inches but the ground is covered in white.  Along with the snow came a COLD front.  Our high for tomorrow is supposed to be about 5 below zero, with wind chills around minus 30.  The entire week calls for Brrr...  
The birds are filling up their bellies on our feeders.  It's so nice to see them surviving the cold as well as they do.  I'm sure they appreciate the treats.

Jan 18, 2013


Today I'm taking a little trip down Moody Rd.
Today I will vent!
I'm tired of stupidity!
I'm tired of the loss of family values!
I'm tired of people who find pleasure in others misery!
I'm tired of recorded messages!
I'm tired of lack of customer service!
I'm tired of people who feel they have to fill the voids in their lives with material things!
I'm tired of people who feel threatened with conversation
if you don't agree with them!
I'm tired of these gray days!
I'm tired of cooking!
I'm just plain tired of all the bitching and moaning
and here I am doing it myself!
But it feels good to just get things out
there every once in while - so I vent!

Jan 9, 2013

Blown Glass Bird

I love when I manage to keep plants alive
through the winter months! 

Jan 5, 2013

The Cold

So tell me ~ What’s so common about the common cold? 
I haven’t felt ‘common’ for over a week. 
I believe I’m on day eight of this so called ‘common’ crud! 
I’ve coughed until I felt like the meat ripped loose of my rib cage,
And coughing at my age causes another little problem … geeze this
Aging isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, who’d a thought I’d need pads after
a total hysterectomy?!   Enough said, wishing you all a multitude of health’
and no snot noses!