May 28, 2014

Color My World

Following such a long ‘white’ winter, 
it does my heart good to see some 
color fly into our corner of the world. 

Indigo Buntings & Goldfinches

Brown Thrashers

and Baltimore Orioles.  

Joined by all the other little
who have been visiting daily.

May 7, 2014


Yesterday I went to loosen the top layer of some mulch to let it air dry a bit before removing it from my flower bed.  As I did so, the mulch suddenly erupted with a bunch of bouncing baby bunnies.  

Trying to catch them again gave the neighbors a good laugh. Those bunnies are so dang cute - ready to leave the nest for sure!  They are about the size of the little one pictured below. 

Disclosure: No animals were harmed however when they startled me I thought I might have a heart attack!

 photo found online 

May 4, 2014

Yum Yum

I tried this recipe today
And I actually squeezed
real lemons and limes –
it makes a difference!
Yum yum - tart and tasty ! 

click on picture for recipe