Sep 27, 2015

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

No! I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.  
However; speaking of our universe, 
I did a bit of moon gazing tonight!

Aug 1, 2015

Mid-Summer Snowball Effect

 The snowball effect in mid-summer! You know how it goes – you start with twenty pounds of blueberries that need freezing … that leads to cleaning the freezer to see how many are left from last year to find only one little bag. But in the process you come across some frozen “stuff” that really should be used soon, as in now! So you pull out a big bag of broccoli and you make a creamy broccoli soup. Then you move onto some packages of turkey gizzards that are miraculously placed into pickling brine and turkey broth cooked off. Oh wait – that was no miracle -I did that. Fish are thawing in the fridge for tomorrow’s supper. Oh and let’s not forget a couple of bags of rhubarb that were made into bars. Yup, that’s just one example of the snowball effect in mid-summer! And how was your day?