Jul 29, 2013


The house smells so good,
I’m dehydrating herbs! 

                                             Clockwise from top: 

Spearmint, thyme, bee balm, parsley, stevia, oregano & basil

Peas and a couple spears of asparagus for fresh eating. 

Jul 28, 2013

Today we enjoyed yet another great performance at The Crystal Theatre right here in our little city of Crystal Falls, Michigan.  Bill and Kate Isle sang, played guitar and banjo along with Loy Larson on the fiddle and mandolin.

But the performer that blew our socks off was a 14 year old girl who played the bass fiddle. Unfortunately her name escapes me at this time.  During the intermission I asked her how long she'd been playing and I was shocked by her answer of two years.  She started 'on the road' with the Isles a couple of months ago.  You would never have thought she was new to performing on stage, her timing and tone was perfection.

To give you a glimpse into some of Loy's talent click on this link: Loy Larson  and listen through to the end.  It was a joy to hear him in person.  

Jul 15, 2013

Family Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend! 

Spending time with family

  playing in the woods

and swimming

and more swimming

 and getting caught off guard

and watching the sun set. 

Jul 10, 2013

Quick Update

Green Garden Gate Update 

Rainy day shot taken through the window 

Jul 4, 2013

Green Gate Garden (click on pictures to enlarge)

 The pictures of the 'Green Gate Garden'
were taken exactly one month
after planting.

Because of sandy soil
we decided years ago to
build raised beds

 I can't wait until the cucumbers
climb up the arched trellis

The peas are doing well. 

Carrots, chives, garlic and pok choi 
make great companions.

One of our 28 tomato plants
with Bee Balm backdrop.

The potatoes seem to love the tires.

Buzz on little fella, buzz on! 

The day lilies are about to burst with color! 

And the squash are crawling out of the boxes.

Tree swallow's on guard duty ~ 

but she needs to be fired as the 
deer have eaten my Hardy Hibiscus 

Maybe I should hire these guys instead!