Jul 29, 2013


The house smells so good,
I’m dehydrating herbs! 

                                             Clockwise from top: 

Spearmint, thyme, bee balm, parsley, stevia, oregano & basil

Peas and a couple spears of asparagus for fresh eating. 


jack69 said...

I was never raised around herbs. So I have a problem using them at the right time. I settle for Mrs Dash to get some spices in my cooking.
I admire those that know and use them.

Hugs from down below, in SW MI.

jack69 said...

Oh, I for got, Sherry has started using the Stevia as a sweetener. She heard it is the best sweetener..... I have no idea.

Dee said...

Your gardening sounds like a hobby . Fun and not hard work. :)

TexWisGirl said...

that sounds good!

Sara S. said...

Loving the herbs! I have been experimenting with different fresh herbs in the kitchen, but I have been buying mine. I need to start a garden next year I think. Love ya and miss ya!

~mel said...

My house smells good too ~ I'm dicing up some ham!