Jul 4, 2013

Green Gate Garden (click on pictures to enlarge)

 The pictures of the 'Green Gate Garden'
were taken exactly one month
after planting.

Because of sandy soil
we decided years ago to
build raised beds

 I can't wait until the cucumbers
climb up the arched trellis

The peas are doing well. 

Carrots, chives, garlic and pok choi 
make great companions.

One of our 28 tomato plants
with Bee Balm backdrop.

The potatoes seem to love the tires.

Buzz on little fella, buzz on! 

The day lilies are about to burst with color! 

And the squash are crawling out of the boxes.

Tree swallow's on guard duty ~ 

but she needs to be fired as the 
deer have eaten my Hardy Hibiscus 

Maybe I should hire these guys instead! 


TexWisGirl said...

:) everything looks lush and green!

Marilyn said...

Your garden is looking great, except for the tasty hibiscus. Think I need to make an archway similar to yours. I might even have some of that black stiff hose stuff that I WAS thinking about putting in the dumpster. Not anymore!♥♫

Karen said...

Hi Cher. Saw your comment at Marilyn's place and decided to pop by. Your gardens are absolutely beautiful!

~mel said...

Cheryl ~ your garden really puts mine to shame. It's so much further along than mine. I have to show this to Slim and show him the HUGE difference in using the raised beds. Love the pink flamingos. They fit right in at your way up north garden:) I had one of those plastic birds and I painted it hues of blue and grey and turned it into a blue heron.

Dicky Bird said...

Your garden looks so nice! Mine is pitiful! Late start - due to garden under water - deer ate all the corn and most tomato plants. I did have some lettuce and spinach. I will get a harvest, but not like I dreamed. Blessings from Ringle.

Dar said...

Wow, girl, your garden is looking fantastic. Bill's are too, but your cucs and squash are WAY ahead. Love your raised beds.
See you this weekend! WooWhooo

Dee said...

Your garden looks great...the raised beds are a good idea.