Aug 29, 2010

Aug 27, 2010

Getting To Know You

I don't know why but this song just popped into my head. That just happens sometimes! You may recognize these words from the movie "The King and I."  The song was written by Oscar Hammerstein.

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.

So then I got to thinking I should maybe share some facts about mysef so that you can get to know me.  It would take forever and then some to really get to know me, so I will just start with the 'short list.'  lol

1.  I wish all children could have my childhood, it was wonderful.
2.  I dream in colors.
3.  God blesses me in numerous ways on a daily basis.
4.  I broke my back in a horse accident when I was 12 years old.
5.  I'm the wife of one fantastic man, mother of three great kids and grandmother of six facinating, wonderful grandchildren.
6.  I was married at age 18 and then again thirty years later at the age 48.  
7.  I am the middle child of 9.
8.  My car was totaled in a flash flood. 
9.  I was widowed at age 46.
10. I know that we all have an inner strength that comes from God but it's our choice whether or not we grow spiritually.

Your turn!

Aug 25, 2010

Physical, Physical

I Wanna Get Physical, Physical ... sounds kind of like Olivia Newton John's song of the early 1980s.  My doc came in the room and took my blood pressure himself.  I have a hunch he didn't trust his nurse could have possibly been right showing such good results.  But even after checking it himself he affirmed that it was GREAT.  I said, 'not bad for a fat chick huh?'  He kind of laughed and said it was wonderful.  So then he proceded with listening to what needed to be listened to and with another nod of the head he said all was good.
When I left the visit he had this advice:
and he informed me I should have a mammogram. 
Even though this guy seems way too willing to help, I will opt for a professional.

And after all the blood and urine tests, I'm happy to say my physical turned out fantastic.

Get your physicals!
take care of yourselves.

Aug 24, 2010

Kitchen Solutions

When we bought our home a few yeas ago it was advertised with an 'eat in kitchen' with breakfast bar and a formal dining room.  Well after setting up the kitchen with a small table and chairs, we soon discovered we most often used the breakfast bar and the table was going unused and fast becoming a catch all space as we walked through the door.
We also discovered that we both hated 'digging' for appliances ~ so we solved two problems with the purchase of one cabinet.  It holds a lot of the appliances and being at fingertip level, no more digging. It even has two deep drawers for all the cake and pie pans.
Having several cookbooks we found it appropriate to add a small bookshelf in that same area.  The cabinet to the left holds the dishes used on a daily basis. I'm short and hate reaching for dishes, so these too are at a very accessible height.
and I love, love, love having my cookware within my sight and grasp. Most used utinsels hang alongside.  In case you didn't know ~ I love to cook and bake and I love my kitchen.  
Thanks for letting me share my 'kitchen solutions!'

Aug 23, 2010

A Flower Tale

Come spring those little seeds were planted with hopes that one day they would sprout into some healthy little plants.
They did sprout and they grew and grew and grew and then one day they blossomed ~ and blossomed.
At night they unfurled, one after another, they unfurled.
through the night,
  but then again they are called Moon flowers.

Thank you Dar, for my Christmas card.

Aug 19, 2010

Aug 16, 2010

Herding Cats

Trying to get a picture with all my brothers and sisters at a family wedding is like trying to herd up a bunch of stray cats.  We were all there, but by the time the cameras were pulled out ~ everyone was heading in a different direction! So we took some more casual pics the following day. The best I could do was to get MOST of us, but we are still missing our two brothers Doug and Randy whom I will have to work my magic and photo-shop them into the picture later.  Those two trouble - makers, I'll get them yet! lol

Front: Mom and our brother Eric
Back: From left to right
Cheryl (me) and Thom
Linda and Jim
Darla and Bill
Melody and Perry
Colleen and Mike

AND ... we finally had a nice pic of just the two of us taken:
~ thanks Staci ~
what a fantastic wedding my niece Sara and Don had
Sara is the daughter of Mel from
I will let Mel share the more detailed pics of the bride and groom
after all, it was their daughter's wedding. I love them all!!!

more later, time to can some green beans

Aug 6, 2010

Night's White Wonder

Just as the day is
bidding us goodnight
Out come Moon Flowers
night's wonder of white.

all photos property of CherShots
do not copy without permission

Aug 1, 2010

Aug 1 - Flowers, Vegetable Garden

I just wanted to share some updated pics of my garden and the flowers planted to attract the pollenators.  And look at the height of our peas!  Thom is just shy of 6' to give you a visual-meter. 
This year we extended our garden
the squash and tomatoes are loaded,
with more blossoms just wating to produce
I just love squash and pumpkin vines
Yes Mel, I planted pumpkins! Thanks for the tip.
and I can hardly wait for the three
hibiscus plants to bloom
and I'd also like to thank Dar
for the moon flower seeds!
My sisters rock!