Aug 24, 2010

Kitchen Solutions

When we bought our home a few yeas ago it was advertised with an 'eat in kitchen' with breakfast bar and a formal dining room.  Well after setting up the kitchen with a small table and chairs, we soon discovered we most often used the breakfast bar and the table was going unused and fast becoming a catch all space as we walked through the door.
We also discovered that we both hated 'digging' for appliances ~ so we solved two problems with the purchase of one cabinet.  It holds a lot of the appliances and being at fingertip level, no more digging. It even has two deep drawers for all the cake and pie pans.
Having several cookbooks we found it appropriate to add a small bookshelf in that same area.  The cabinet to the left holds the dishes used on a daily basis. I'm short and hate reaching for dishes, so these too are at a very accessible height.
and I love, love, love having my cookware within my sight and grasp. Most used utinsels hang alongside.  In case you didn't know ~ I love to cook and bake and I love my kitchen.  
Thanks for letting me share my 'kitchen solutions!'


jack69 said...

I like everything, but especially the hanging utensils and cookware. We have never had a spot where that would work.

Digging for some things is a must in the motorhome where storage is minimum. After 10-12 years on the road we are getting used to it.LOL.

I know you sisters like to cook, I guess mama had something to do with that. BTW, love you mom, she is a great lady!

From the USAF Academy in Colorado,
Sherry & Jack

jack69 said...

I must add, the sisters ain't bad either!!!!! LOL

~mel said...

I LOVE your kitchen ... it's just so homey and feels good to sit in. Which by the way... I wish I was doing right now! Sara and Don are in your neck of the woods (well, actually a bit north) this whole week. She's helping to set up a bank in Munisign. She's working during the day and Don is sightseeing. Go figure!

The Retired One said...

I feel the same is so nice to organize your kitchen and have all the lids, strainers, do-dads all where you know where they are...I had my hubby make some drawer dividers and add a few extra shelves in my cupboards for my griddle, etc. so I don't have to remove things stacked on top of it...they all make cooking so much more fun!

Cathy Clementz said...

You are one organized cookie! Very nice!! Love your furniture!!

~mel said...

I'd show you the inside of my cupboards; but you'd laugh! Oh to be so organized!!

Dar said...

I feel so comfy breezing through your cookbooks at that cool breakfast counter and watching you cook. You are very fortunate to have the space to play with, and I just LOVE what you did with it. One thing I'd have Thom add, and that is a wee bit more support under that top shelf of your small appliance cabinet...before it looks like my canning pantry...hehe!

Papa and Nana O said...

Looks like a great place for a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll!! Miss you!