Jun 22, 2012

Cowboys & Indians Chess Set

Any chess players out there?
Would anyone know the maker of this 
Cowboys & Indians Chess Set? 

It's heavy and has side drawers
for storing the pieces.
As you can see it's very detailed.
There are no labels or markings.

It is a beautiful set and 
we just love it. 

It is not wood, plastic or pewter.

Just so many questions
and so few answers! 

Jun 19, 2012


We have several Monarch butterfly caterpillars now 
feeding on our Milkweed.  If you check back I will soon 
be posting pics of the Monarch chrysalis.  Hopefully
I will be able to capture the life cycle. 

Time and Patience

Some of you might remember when I posted with excitement when we completed our arbor back in July of 2009.  Well ... after several attempts to get grapes growing ~ it appears we are finally on our way. I type this with fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed!  
We even fenced the area to 
protect it from critters! 

They aren't tall by any means,
but any sign of life 
is welcome AND they're growing! 

And check this out ~~~ GRAPES!
the most itsy- bitsy plant with the
teeniest tiniest grapes

go ahead, enlarge the picture
just click on it

Okay, so maybe I won't be 
making wine just yet but still 
Woo Hoo!!! 

Jun 7, 2012

I've been busy but I'm back now.

The first thing I planted this spring 
was a small bunch of carrots.

The weather held up nicely so ...

I built a new rock garden around 
the old stump from our ugly tree. 

A little rhubarb custard pie was in order
and another one is in order today! 

along with a little bird watching. 
This yellow-rumped warbler 
really enjoyed his bath. 

Then I headed to the garden 

My love, built me some more 
raised boxes (makes a total of 8
and then we decided 
to extend the 
garden and add a trellis for
cucumbers and squash. 
I helped! 

Look close ~
 I transplanted those carrots! 


The poppies opened the past 
few days! Enjoy!