Jun 19, 2012

Time and Patience

Some of you might remember when I posted with excitement when we completed our arbor back in July of 2009.  Well ... after several attempts to get grapes growing ~ it appears we are finally on our way. I type this with fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed!  
We even fenced the area to 
protect it from critters! 

They aren't tall by any means,
but any sign of life 
is welcome AND they're growing! 

And check this out ~~~ GRAPES!
the most itsy- bitsy plant with the
teeniest tiniest grapes

go ahead, enlarge the picture
just click on it

Okay, so maybe I won't be 
making wine just yet but still 
Woo Hoo!!! 


Chatty Crone said...

I am so excited for you! sandie

jack69 said...

Success, I HAVE NEVER been able to get grapes to grow. Sherry noted a wild muscadine near our motor home and we have trained those, but I must have tried 50 times for a vine, nada.

Again, Congrats!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

how cool! grow, grapes, grow!

~mel said...

I know why your grapes won't grow ~ you don't have a bench sitting inside the arbor. Dah... tell Thom to get on that and wahlahhhh... you'll have grapes ~ or at least a nice place to sit while you wait on them :)

Dee said...

It looks very promising...you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly they will grow.

Zoey said...

i am so excited for you. That tiny grape cluster is so cute!