Feb 28, 2010

Hosta Mania

I love hostas! If it were up to me, I'd have them placed in various spots around my yard, however the deer like them too!  But regardless of my ongoing battle for a beautiful lawn to magically appear, I keep on drifting back to the mound of seed catalogs and internet landscaping sites as if I were rich enough to actually someday have a magazine setting.  Plants are expensive and I'm too thrifty!
This is a plea to my sisters ~ I will be eyeing over your plants this spring in hopes that when you see my sad puppy eyes you will take pity on me and share some of yours.  How's that for begging?? Come to think of it I should go go see the brothers too ~ they have big green thumbs . lol
My thanks to http://www.dutchbulbs.com/ for these great pics.

I am especially intiqued by this white hosta ~
but all of them are beautiful.

Now I'm wondering if it would be wise of me to buy stock in "Liquid Fence" before I start planting this spring!  As my Dad used to say "hm..  now that's something to ponder!"  

Feb 22, 2010

Memories and Escapes

 I woke up with such a headache this morning which I attribute to a bad nights sleep and a "kink" in my neck. My head and shoulders carried a lot of weight today. Oh to have "special powers."  I would have given most anything if a "blink of an eye" or a "twitch of the nose" could set me into one of my favorite places in the world.  Laird's Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada.  We would stop on our Al-Can trips as we traveled to and fro for visists to the lower 48 while living in Alaska. I can't begin to tell you how theraputic those stops were after hours on the road.

I know the thoughts of my sister's passing away one year ago today and the passing of my Dad a few years back  - with today being what would have been Mom and Dad's anniversary - also played heavy on my mind.  Oh how I longed for that beautiful natural setting as a wonderful escape to ease my mind and ward off body aches!!

Feb 21, 2010

Tulip Time

Spring is coming and I'm so excited!!
Of course, we're still under snow ~
but listen folks,
I'm trying to be optimistic here!

Feb 18, 2010

Shadow Dancing!

I don't really know what it is about shadows that intrique me, but they do.  I like the way they change the appearance of whatever they are shadowing. Mom once told my husband "she doesn't need music to dance" and in a way that's what I see happening when I see shadows. Objects can be at a standstill but the surroundings change. The light plays with it, just like dancing without music. Who cares if no one else hears the music that makes you dance or whether or not they can appreciate the simple changes occuring simply by the light. I find it refreshing!

Dance and enjoy simple changes!

Feb 8, 2010

Winter Woods Walk

Although the North winds blew a little cool, we bundled up and wandered off along the woods trails.
Over the fields and through the woods back to Grandmothers house we go... after our loop de loop!

 This little stand of white birch trees always reminds me of
Bev Doolittle's paintings.
You know, the ones where "she hides animals" in her work.

Can you spot the hidden animal in the picture below?
Can you see it now?

How about now?

Feb 7, 2010

Perfect ~ Photographic Profoundly Pink Peonies

Photographic Profoundly Pink Peonies
I took this picture last summer of my daughters beautiful peonies. She had planted them the year before and was so excited to see how nicely they blossomed.  I wish I had that kind of luck with my plants. I'll just keep trying, just keep trying!

Feb 4, 2010

Blessings Surround Me

I got up early this morning and as I walked from room to room, I caught myself smiling.  I realized it's the little things in life that make me smile on a daily basis.

I started the day off by baking a rhubarb custard pie with steusel topping. I was pulling it out of the oven just before 8:00 a.m.  Now mind you, that is quite ambitious for the likes of me.
I spotted a deer right out the kitchen window.

I love my collections of glass bottles and cookbooks.

I adore this little teapot my Aunt Gerry snuck into my suitcase when we last visited her, just because she knew I loved it so.

And as you know from prior postings, we like wine. So I displayed a wine bottle surrounded by an ivy draping from a birchbark basket, setting alongside a grape motif plate box.
I recognize my blessings, large and small and will never take them for granted.