Feb 18, 2010

Shadow Dancing!

I don't really know what it is about shadows that intrique me, but they do.  I like the way they change the appearance of whatever they are shadowing. Mom once told my husband "she doesn't need music to dance" and in a way that's what I see happening when I see shadows. Objects can be at a standstill but the surroundings change. The light plays with it, just like dancing without music. Who cares if no one else hears the music that makes you dance or whether or not they can appreciate the simple changes occuring simply by the light. I find it refreshing!

Dance and enjoy simple changes!


Kathy said...

Nice shadown. I particularly like the one of the ivy.

Kathy said...

Why don't I proofread before I click submit! Someday I'll learn. With a little imagination one could maybe imagine that previous post should say "Nice shadows"!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Look at the snow? Great shadow shots!

Dar said...

Nicely said dear sis...you continue to inspire me. You and Thom have a sunshine/shadow day.
Thom's BFF says you will be home in a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing you again.
BlessYa Both

~mel said...

This post reminds me of those shadow pictures we all had to sit for in school for Mother's Day gifts. Knowing Mom... she probably still has all of ours tucked away somewhere ~ although the paper must be suffering from dry rot by now.lol

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great photos! I love the the Pothos shadow. Love when the light hits plants and creates intricate shodowing. Have a great day!

lil sis said...

Love that saying Mom has... she's always been such
an inspiration too. Its cuz you have such a wonderous
spirit that you find joy in the little things in life.
It's a good thing.
Love ya,