Jan 27, 2012

Back Then

 ~ when I was just a kid; we used to walk down through the rocky field stopping to play on the big whale rock that sat just before the creek.  Then wandering down the old 'corduroy road' another name for the old trail through the woods made up of wooden poles laid in place wherever needed to get vehicles, tractors and such across the swampy spots.  The poles are nearly all rotted away now but that is the trail still used to this day to access my sisters place through the land from our old homestead where Mom still lives.  Anyways ~ back to my story - We used to walk down to visit Grandpa and Grandma O. who lived just beyond where my sister now lives.  Back then when my legs were even shorter than they are now (I can only imagine my sister's snickering as they read this) that seemed like a long walk. Now its a breeze, even for me!  Well Grandpa and Grandma had two old Adirondack chairs and when I spotted them as we ended the trail, I knew we were there! We made it to Grandpa and Grandma's! 
As I was surfing the net and saw this picture - it bought back a flood of memories of those wonderful visits.  Oh how I miss those summer days and even more so ~ Oh how I miss them! 

Jan 23, 2012


Hand feeding the birds! 
Heavy Snowfall 
New insulation layer of snow!
8 new inches accumulated
on our bare deck

Jan 21, 2012

Hands and Knees Playing ~

My son just exchanged this little story with me and I thought it was so darned cute that I just had to share. First I must say that I love the fact that he gets down on his hands and knees and actually spends TIME playing with his son.  Not in front of the television or playing endless hours of electronic games, but good old fashioned hands and knees playing.  He just shared this exchange with me:  

My Son: "The kitchen is officially closed due to the railroad coming through and kitchen wide town construction. Including a barn yard, space station, parking garage, hospital, race track, sea world, two separate rail yards, a port, an airport and zoo. The 5 yr. Old mayor has ordered out for pizza because I don't have a permit to cook in his town !!!!!!"

Me: "that grandson of mine sure does remind me of his daddy! lol"

My Son: "Ha, not only is he mayor he has also taken the roles of sheriff, vet, doctor, pilot, fireman, race car driver, ship captain, conductor and everything else that I wanted to be. Making me a mere tax payer !!!!! Sure do love working for the man."

Jan 19, 2012

Getting organized ~

I've had loads of lids crammed in a container for too long ...  so when I spotted a CD rack at the Goodwill store and it jumped out at me saying "I could be the answer to your lid problem!"  I grabbed it. And it is!  Who'd a thunk it?! 

Jan 12, 2012

How do people function without it? 
I would be lost. 

Jan 11, 2012

I'm Baaaacccckkk!

Wow ~ can it really be possible that I last posted in mid-December?  We went to visit the kids over the holidays and I then stayed on for a few extra weeks to help out after my daughters surgery.  All is well, she's on the mend and I'm happy to be home. I think it's true, no matter how much I love my family and friends, whenever I go visiting somewhere and then return home; as I enter my own house I catch myself thinking "there's no place like home!
Our load of love!