Jan 23, 2012


Hand feeding the birds! 
Heavy Snowfall 
New insulation layer of snow!
8 new inches accumulated
on our bare deck


TexWisGirl said...

oh, that chickadee is so cute! God bless you! stay warm and safe!

jack69 said...

That is so neat!!! You guys are nice folk to keep the creatures fed. Pretty pics and nice snow, for you guys.

Love from Fla, 85 today!!!

~mel said...

I have a few that will eat from your hand too... but you should see how they react if you sneeze. They fly off and won't come near you for a week!

Dar said...

Just how long did Thom have to stand there...the GrandLoves love to hand feed the birds. They also put seed on the top of their heads....Thom, go for the hat trick.
You have about as much snow as we do, but only got an inch yesterday.


Zoey said...

It look beautiful!

We had over a foot, but it has rained for the past two days causing much of the snow to disappear.

How exciting to feed a bird from your hand!

Papa and Nana O said...

I'm so happy the snow is there and not here!! But the pictures are really beautiful! I'm thinking it is a good thing the chickadee can't see the eagle on Thom's back ;o) Stay warm!

Remington said...

That is so awesome! Hey, send some snow my way....please!

Fred Alton said...

Feeding them out of your hand? Wow! That's neat.