Oct 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

pic borrowed from the internet 
thank you Mandy Lynne

Oct 29, 2012

Family Tree

My Mom had a visit recently from her Great Niece 
and her Great Great Niece.  
Okay Sisters, correct me if I'm wrong here 
(and I'm sure you will) 
but after having us 10 kids;
I believe Mom has 21 Grandchildren
 and 38 Great Grand-loves 
with oodles upon oodles of extended relatives 
like nieces, nephews and all of their off spring. 
In-laws, out-laws, good apples and maybe a few bad. 
But it's our family and we roll with the punches 
along with the bunches.  Our tree just keeps on 
growing and growing and amazingly
there is always enough love for every
single branch, twig and bud. 

Wynette & little Lindy 

Oct 21, 2012

It's Been a While

They say time flies when you're having fun.  Well I can't really say that what I've been up to has been all that fun but I have been keeping busy.  Busy enough that I haven't posted a blog update for some time.  I actually love the fall pics from my last entry, because now we in the dull, drab, leaf-less time of the year.  Foggy mornings and dreary days.  The sun peeked out for a while today which was a treat.
Even my sisters are wondering what I've been up to so I thought I should update.  The yard work and canning season is finally complete.  I discovered as I put things out in the gardens, I must do it a little at a time.  But when I began playing like a squirrel and started storing my nuts or in this case, yard ornaments ... I had a lot of "stuff" out there. Stuff that I call eye candy for the flower beds.  But I did get a few of my pastime shopping trips in at the Good Will and St. Vinies too.  So here you go Sister, Sisters ...

This is just a sampling of some of my finds on my last couple of adventures.  As you can see I found some more crafting "stuff" which should keep me busy this fall and winter. 

Oct 4, 2012

Autumn Ride

Come take a ride with me
we’ll watch the fog lift