Apr 24, 2014


I’ve noticed that over the years, my taste in food has changed.  When I was a kid I hated cheese, any and every type.  But now I love it all - any and every type.

And when I was pregnant with my first child about a hundred years ago (okay, so I exaggerated a little it was 43 years ago) I craved three things nectarines, Snicker bars and pickled pork hocks! Strange I know but that’s what I craved! 

And now that I’m full growed (as my Daddy used to say) I can pass on the pickled foods, but I have a sweet tooth the size of Alaska and I still love, love, love fruits! 

What made me think of this is that my husband love, love, loves pickled foods.  So after Easter I pickled him some eggs and today I pickled him some Polish Sausages. 


Oh and he likes that extra flavor that comes from adding onions, garlic and hot peppers! 

Apr 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Take the time; not only today but every day, 
to reflect on what Christ has personally done for you! 

Happy Easter! 

Apr 17, 2014

Beans, Beans and more Beans ~

Someone was so helpful last night ~ when he asked "Should I soak some beans for tomorrow?" I answered "sure- go ahead, I'll bake up a batch of beans" ... little did I know he would soak FOUR pounds worth. Folks, that's a lot of beans!!

Boston Baked Beans and
 Navy Bean Soup ~ Yum! Yum! 


Apr 14, 2014

Forcing Forsythia

If spring is going to be so stubborn and not come to the outside ~
I will force it to come on the inside! 
A week ago we had glimmers of hope for spring to arrive ~
But that was lost again with our latest snow. 
However; during last week a neighbor arrived with hopes of spring ~
Some forsythia to force!  So I put them in a vase in our bedroom window
And today I have a little color beyond the white of snow! 

Apr 7, 2014

Sweet Tooth

My sweet tooth starting aching today ~ aching for some sweets that is!  Because of my head cold it’s the first time in a while that I felt like baking anything, but today I got the urge.  So I baked the easiest thing in the world to make – I call them “Sinfully Delightful Seven Layer Bars.”  Part of the sinfulness is just how easy they are to make, let alone the calories they contain.  Thank goodness I have a magic wand that makes those nasty calories disappear. 

 Sinfully Delightful Seven Layer Bars

1st layer: Melt one stick of butter in 9”x13” pan
2nd layer: 1 cup of graham cracker crumbs
3rd layer: 1 package of chocolate chips - 12 oz.
4th layer: 1 package of butterscotch chips - 12 oz.
5th layer: 1 can of sweetened condensed milk - 14 oz.
6th layer: 1 cup of coconut
7th layer: 1 cup of chopped nuts

Simply layer in pan in order given. Bake 25 minutes at 350 degrees.  

I also whipped up a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies.  You’ve just got to have the “crunch” factor sometimes! Don’t you agree?

Apr 5, 2014


Thanks to those of you who stop by my blog.  Sorry I haven’t been on lately but I’ve been busy feeling miserable.  I’ve had the “head-cold-from-hell” complete with chills, fever, coughing, gagging, runny nose, burning eyes, headache and you name it.  Had I known this was coming I would have bought stock in kleenex and chicken broth!  

The good news is I now feel slightly better than a blob-fish looks! 

images snagged from the net ~ almost like fishing!