Apr 24, 2014


I’ve noticed that over the years, my taste in food has changed.  When I was a kid I hated cheese, any and every type.  But now I love it all - any and every type.

And when I was pregnant with my first child about a hundred years ago (okay, so I exaggerated a little it was 43 years ago) I craved three things nectarines, Snicker bars and pickled pork hocks! Strange I know but that’s what I craved! 

And now that I’m full growed (as my Daddy used to say) I can pass on the pickled foods, but I have a sweet tooth the size of Alaska and I still love, love, love fruits! 

What made me think of this is that my husband love, love, loves pickled foods.  So after Easter I pickled him some eggs and today I pickled him some Polish Sausages. 


Oh and he likes that extra flavor that comes from adding onions, garlic and hot peppers! 


TexWisGirl said...

my father loved pickled eggs and pickled pork hocks. i bet he'd like your combo, too. :)

jack69 said...

Ahhhh my kind of guy!!!!
Down south it is pickled pigs feet. I have NEVER tasted them but my Sherry did and liked them as a kid. Doesn't touch them now.
The latest think I fell for was pickled Squash our friend Evelyn does.

Dar said...

I love pickled pork hocks, eggs, good ol' dill pickles and beets, but haven't had the sausages. So do the peppers make everything so hot?
Hope you had a nice Easter.

Dicky Bird said...

Those jars sure look pretty!

E.C. said...

It's funny how the taste buds change over the years.
It's hilarious what strange flavors that we crave when pregnancy possesses our bods. lol
That's some real purdy pickled snacks you got stewing there.
I'm always amazed by the vast varieties of foods (you and your sisters) make at home. You all are better than any celebrity cooks I've seen. :)

~mel said...

Yep... if it's pickled... it's good :)

Anonymous said...

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