Aug 30, 2009

Our Great Niece Audrey was has been hospitalized since Aug 10 with open heart surgery. She was born with some health issues and has overcome many trials; becoming a true inspiration to many around her. This little sweetheart although tiny in stature, has a personality larger than her own being.
Before you ask, I will share that she is a trooper and even though she has a long recovery ahead of her, she has already surprised her doctors in how well she is doing by surpassing some of their expectations.
She loves RAINBOWS so I made a scrapbook page that I turned into a card for her. It was just a little way of sending my love.

Aug 25, 2009


I don't know what it is that indwelt my love for tapestry ~ but I sure do love it. Wall hangings, table runners, tote bags, purses etc.

I found this piece last week and without any logical reason for buying it, I just had to have it, darling!

I love the flowers in it and decided to hang it on my kitchen door, so I can enjoy it year round whenever I'm busying myself in that room.

I missed out on a beautiful large tote bag, simply because my eldest sister spotted it first... argh!!

Note to self ~ scope the area fast when shopping with others!

So now you know one more useless thing about me!

Aug 18, 2009


The Morning Glories seemed to be very slow starters, but now that they're here I'm anxious to see the wire frame covered in flowers.

And here we have a few run away flowers... crossing their bounds.

Now this Hardy Hibiscus is another story. We just planted it four days ago. It's loaded with buds and today one showed its beautiful face. Just a hair short of 9 inches across.

I call this my "Mystery Hibiscus." Also loaded with buds ~ I would have sworn this was going to be a purple flower. However; I'm very pleased with the beautiful reddish bloosom.

Aug 13, 2009

I took the time to have a face lift... what do you think??? I've never felt so firm or happy. I just can't stop smiling!

Now here's something to smile about,
all my Grand - loves in one place at the same time.

Do you think my sister Mel and I look anything alike? She's the sassy one.
And NO MEL that's not a crown on your head, it's just the light.