Aug 13, 2009

I took the time to have a face lift... what do you think??? I've never felt so firm or happy. I just can't stop smiling!

Now here's something to smile about,
all my Grand - loves in one place at the same time.

Do you think my sister Mel and I look anything alike? She's the sassy one.
And NO MEL that's not a crown on your head, it's just the light.


the Baitlady said...

Is it my eyes or are you looking a little jaundiced?

Dee said...

~~rofl~~ Cher, you & Mel are a riot!!! ~rofl~
Thanks for the giggles and smiles.

I love the picture of your grand loves, they are beautiful. :)

Wishing you a fun Friday and a wonderful weekend!

lis sis said...

Very jaundiced I'd say!

Reminds me of the time we all had on our
fake glasses and mustaches when we went
to see Lana in the hospital years ago...
the family resemblance is uncanny.

You both need to apply at WallyWorld.

lil sis said...

forgot to tell you that the Grandkiddos are
fantabulous...cuter than ever.