Aug 18, 2009


The Morning Glories seemed to be very slow starters, but now that they're here I'm anxious to see the wire frame covered in flowers.

And here we have a few run away flowers... crossing their bounds.

Now this Hardy Hibiscus is another story. We just planted it four days ago. It's loaded with buds and today one showed its beautiful face. Just a hair short of 9 inches across.

I call this my "Mystery Hibiscus." Also loaded with buds ~ I would have sworn this was going to be a purple flower. However; I'm very pleased with the beautiful reddish bloosom.


Dee said...

Beautiful! I enjoy morning glories, they are such a delicate flower and yet they're wild and hearty in my neck of the woods. I think not much welcomes the day more pleasantly than their tender beauty.

Ahh hibiscus. I adore them. I used to plant them every year until the stores started charging more than I could afford. Your photos of them are gorgeous. I think their Big rich color blooms are sweet eye candy. :)

Thanks for sharing these lovely beauties.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

the Baitlady said...

You must have gotten your coupons from the Home Depot Garden Club. Mine came yesterday. I want to use the buy one houseplant get one free before it expires. AND... Since we don't have a Home Depot close by it looks like it might have to be another road trip... hint ... hint... and Chinese food... bigger hint.

Dar said...

Cher, your flowers are beautiful like the hibiscus...sure wish they were perennials for our zone 3...thanks for all the Bill prayers,..he's doing well after his herendous week. Keep the flowers coming...I'm praying for an Indian summer with lots of fall heat and blooms

Dee said...

I'm out trying to catch up on my visiting while I have an extra few minutes of pc time.
Wishing you a magnificent week!:)