Aug 30, 2009

Our Great Niece Audrey was has been hospitalized since Aug 10 with open heart surgery. She was born with some health issues and has overcome many trials; becoming a true inspiration to many around her. This little sweetheart although tiny in stature, has a personality larger than her own being.
Before you ask, I will share that she is a trooper and even though she has a long recovery ahead of her, she has already surprised her doctors in how well she is doing by surpassing some of their expectations.
She loves RAINBOWS so I made a scrapbook page that I turned into a card for her. It was just a little way of sending my love.


Dar said...

What an awesome, heartfelt card Cher...I'm sure Audrey will love and treasure her card as much as she treasures you.....I'm so happy to hear she is improving are a 'love'

lil sis said...

Sure hope little Audrey is doing
better and will add her to my
prayers. I know she liked your
ballon card...cute.
I heard you had you
still have your new tapesrty or did
it disappear? LOL

Dee said...

Well, Bless her heart. You're a special Auntie to give so much care and love to her in such a sweet way.
My prayers and thoughts are with Audrey that her health will continue t improve and her rainbows will always be bright!

Wishing you a lovely rest of the week! :)

Papa and Nana O said...

Thank you for your beautiful artwork (as usual)but especially for all your prayers. We believe the reason we have our Audrey back is because heaven was bombarded with prayers - even 2 yr old Katie who prayed all the way home one night 'Dear Lord, please make Audrey better. Dear Lord, please make Audrey better.' Thankfully prayer knows no distance. Love you!