Aug 25, 2009


I don't know what it is that indwelt my love for tapestry ~ but I sure do love it. Wall hangings, table runners, tote bags, purses etc.

I found this piece last week and without any logical reason for buying it, I just had to have it, darling!

I love the flowers in it and decided to hang it on my kitchen door, so I can enjoy it year round whenever I'm busying myself in that room.

I missed out on a beautiful large tote bag, simply because my eldest sister spotted it first... argh!!

Note to self ~ scope the area fast when shopping with others!

So now you know one more useless thing about me!


Dar said...

Allow me, dear, to be the first to tell you I love it too...let's see how long it stays on your door...hehehe...for I, too, love tapestries...oh dear sista

lil sis said...

Yup, good idea to scope things out and then go in
for the kill on the must have items.

Lovely find Cher - very pretty. Enjoy it while you
can, cause it sounds like your sisters may be
sneaking it out of your house. Great minds think
alike, I love tapestry too... its an art.

later and love to you.

the Baitlady said...

I got my eye on you!! and your tapestries too.

Dee said...

I think tapestries are so lovely. When I gaze at them it's like looking into an enchanting realm far removed from ours. I enjoy the nostalgic air about them.

Wonderful find Cher. It's a beautiful piece of art. ~applause~

Wishing you a honey of a day!

the Baitlady said...

Well ... Is your tapestry still hanging after Darla and Bill's visit? I hear she has a new rug ~ hmmm.... how did that miss your antique seeking eye??