Jul 27, 2009

Melon Mystery !

A friend sent me a photo stating they had a "melon mystery" ~ well you know me, I can never leave anything alone so I popped over to my Paint Shop Pro photo program and started messing around. This is what I come up with ~ I sent the photo back with this note:

"I Think I Spotted the Problem !"


Dee said...

~rofl~ I'd say you solved the mystery! That is too cute!!! ~love it~ Thanks for sharing a good giggle to begin the week with! lol

Dee said...

Guess what, Our babies have arrived!
They're so sweet!

Dee said...

It sounds like you were raised much in the same environment that I was... except for the minks. Now they are some cool critters. We had all kinds of critters. It was such fun to grow up in the country. :)

Hey, what do you do with all your pureed frozen squash. My hubbard plant didn't survive the squash borer attack. Oh it tried to survive, but even though it has a small one on it, the vine is yellow and dying. ~sigh~

Lily is flattered and glowing from your wonderful Congratulations and comments on her babies.
Thank you so very much. You're so sweet!
We both appreciate it!

the Baitlady said...

Love the rat!! Not a fan of the melon though. Why is that? I love watermelon; but just gag at the thought of eating or smelling cantaloupe or honey dew melons. JD offered me some salsa the other day and it had mango and peaches in it. I took one bite and thought I was going to hurl. The mango had the same affect on me as melon. It must be some horrific childhood memory that is trapped in my mind. Did YOU FORCE feed me cantaloupe when I was a wee little one????? or do I have to blame Darla??? lol

Dar said...

LOL on your Melon Rat.....loveit
as for forcefeeding you Mel?...wasn't me......

and Dee, your babies are going to be beauties, just like Lily

Dee said...

Thanks for the recipe ideas. I hadn't thought of the things one could use squash for. Cool!


Thanks so much. :)
I sure wish you'd open a blog. ;)


Wishing you both, Cher & Dar, a pleasant day.

lil sis said...

I was so proud of myself for calling you a week or so early for your birthday, that yesterday, on your
actual birthday, I called Linda to tell her happy
birthday a week or so early too, but got to
yapping and forgot to tell her - lol.
Glad you got to go spend some times with the
kids and grandkids, and am expecting to see more
pictures on here pretty soon...
Get back on here!