Jul 21, 2009


We've been busy as can be this summer, which isn't a bad thing because it keeps us out of trouble.

Our latest project was building an arbor. You know how it goes, one thing leads to another so our next project will be making benches to go in it, built from an old wooden slat bed. And I have an old table that would look nice in there too ~ given enough love and care. Time will tell, and so will the camera as things progress.

Flowers Around Our Yard

This is our first year growing roses. We were thrilled when we saw buds, and almost beside ourselves when they actually blossomed. So sad the single stemmed varieties don't last too long. I can't wait until the climbing roses fill the fence.


Dee said...

I love your arbor. You all did a fabulous job building it. ~applause~ I've always wanted one. I think arbors give a yard an extra welcome sense of charm (& nostalgia) I know you'll spend many happy times enjoying it. Cool!

Your flowers are beautiful! I see Mel isn't the only Flower Fairy in your family. ;) You must have a green thumb too. :)

I think you & Mel are both special ladies with many talents for growing and creating things and I think you're both wonderful photographers. :)

Wishing you a wonderful & happy Wednesday!

Dar said...

Awesome Cher and Thom,
You did a wonderful job on that arbor, so when did you say the wine would be served?.....aaah
next fall?
Your flowers are abloomin' nicely
and the roses are gorgeous..are they scented like raspberries?

the Baitlady said...

Ah Cher.. what can I say? I'll let you know the day I'm sitting in the arbor sipping wine while sitting on the old wooden slat bed bench.