Jul 20, 2009



For those of you who still check in; I extend my apoligies for not posting this past month. We were very busy, then gone, and now busy again.

We started to build an arbor and first the weather was so hot, we could only stand to work a couple of hours each evening, then the weather took a turn to the cool side while we were vacationing with the kids. That'll be explained later but for now back to the arbor... we're back at it and weather permitting - it'll be done soon with picturess to follow.

As I said we took a little time and vacationed with the kids on a chain of seven lakes. They bought their pontoon along but because it was so cold and windy the last week of June, we didn't get on the water until the final day. After signing out of the lodge, we all loaded onto the boat and were able to enjoy at least one full day on the water. Most of the week was spent in the pool, the arcade and the rooms enjoying time with our little Grand-loves. Even though the weather wasn't the best of vacation weather; we have no complaints because any time spent with them is great.


lil sis said...

My sweet Lord, how the girls are just a growin'.
I wish I could hug them all...can't wait to see
them again. Last time I saw them was at the farm
the day the storm with the HUGE hailstones blew in.
I've got a picture of Minnie holding a few of them in
her hand - you can barely see her hand at all. We
had fun picking them up...Eric did too.
Glad you finally got to go for the pontoon ride, its a blast. Funky weather, huh? I remember Sheryl Everton not having much packed but shorts when she came up there with us in July a few years ago, and it got down to 24 degrees! A little chilly.
Stay warm and will check in on this later -
love ya's - me

Dee said...

Welcome back! Of course I'm interested in hearing from you. I missed you while you was gone. I'm so thankful your posting again. (((hugs)))

I love all the happy smiling faces in your photos. Your family looks like they are having a blast. I love days like that.


the Baitlady said...

OMG... I LOVE those bandanas! How cute is that!! June sure was a cold one here and July isn't looking much better. At least you got to spend some time with the GrandLoves.