Apr 14, 2014

Forcing Forsythia

If spring is going to be so stubborn and not come to the outside ~
I will force it to come on the inside! 
A week ago we had glimmers of hope for spring to arrive ~
But that was lost again with our latest snow. 
However; during last week a neighbor arrived with hopes of spring ~
Some forsythia to force!  So I put them in a vase in our bedroom window
And today I have a little color beyond the white of snow! 


TexWisGirl said...

very wintry, still!

we're getting down to freezing tonight in NE Tx. goofy...

E.C. said...

It's bittersweet that you're having to force a forsythia just to get a bit of Spring.
Your photos are wonderful I really enjoy the through-the-windows photos.
I'm sending you warm thawing thoughts. Hopefully, you'll catch a weather break and Spring weather will arrive for the year.

jack69 said...

beautiful, and where there is a will, THERE IS A WAY!
You definitely havethe will,

Love from SC

Dicky Bird said...

Good idea!

Dar said...

Just when our snow melted, more came and we have even more coming the next two days...BUT, it will melt too~just in time to plant our gardens. Question? how tall are your raised beds and how wide apart?
I know I'm dreaming but I'm allowed my dreams aren't I?
Happy Forsythia Day to you...I think I will force the same thing and a few cherry branches. Thanks for thinking spring for all of us northerners. loveya Sis