Aug 25, 2010

Physical, Physical

I Wanna Get Physical, Physical ... sounds kind of like Olivia Newton John's song of the early 1980s.  My doc came in the room and took my blood pressure himself.  I have a hunch he didn't trust his nurse could have possibly been right showing such good results.  But even after checking it himself he affirmed that it was GREAT.  I said, 'not bad for a fat chick huh?'  He kind of laughed and said it was wonderful.  So then he proceded with listening to what needed to be listened to and with another nod of the head he said all was good.
When I left the visit he had this advice:
and he informed me I should have a mammogram. 
Even though this guy seems way too willing to help, I will opt for a professional.

And after all the blood and urine tests, I'm happy to say my physical turned out fantastic.

Get your physicals!
take care of yourselves.


jack69 said...

Always like to hear a physical went well. I hate the ones that say, 'I see some thing I don't like!'

Yeah, pass up the guy on the street, he has probably already lost his license because......

Oh well. Good entry
From Colorado, Sherry & Jack

lil sis said...

Great report... glad all is well with you.

Sure did enjoy our visits at the farm and
wedding, it was a blast. Have you photoshopped
Randy and Doug into our pics yet? Can't
wait to see how that turns out. Its a great
program...I don't use it too often, but its pretty
amazing what a person can do with it.

Loved the last entry with the kitchen photos,
you need to come help me arrange mine.
Hopefully I'll make it there one day... our
vacations just go so dang fast! Never even
made it to Doug's or Linda's...good thing I
saw them at the farm and wedding too.

Have a great one girlie, stay as healthy as you
are now woman!! love ya, me

~mel said...

I want your doctor! Mine always finds something wrong with me.

Put a pair of sunglasses on Thom, a baseball hat and a sign over his head and I could just see him volunteer to take the place of the mammogram guy in a heart beat. Wouldn't it be funny if some old wrinkled up, used up, saggy lady came up and started to unbutton her blouse... now THAT would be funny!

DoanLegacy said...

Great reminder for us all!