Aug 1, 2010

Aug 1 - Flowers, Vegetable Garden

I just wanted to share some updated pics of my garden and the flowers planted to attract the pollenators.  And look at the height of our peas!  Thom is just shy of 6' to give you a visual-meter. 
This year we extended our garden
the squash and tomatoes are loaded,
with more blossoms just wating to produce
I just love squash and pumpkin vines
Yes Mel, I planted pumpkins! Thanks for the tip.
and I can hardly wait for the three
hibiscus plants to bloom
and I'd also like to thank Dar
for the moon flower seeds!
My sisters rock!


~mel said...

You got moon flowers ~ mine didn't even germinate.... bummer. Your garden looks fantastic!!! Just like your little Grandloves look fantastic. Today I got a surprise visit from Shannon & Tod and the girls. Each of the girls went home with a different flavor of jelly. Sydney was so cute tucking her jar into her pants pocket.

The White Farmhouse said...

Love moon flowers. The garden looks great! I'm jealous! Those are some monster pea plants! I think that I messed up my pole beans cause I didn't give them a pole to climb. They are now all innertwined in each other. We'll see.

Denise said...

You have a fabulous garden, great photos!
An English Girl Rambles

chubskulit said...

I love your vegetable garden! My entry is moon flower too ghehehe.

Lovely blooms!

Moon Flower

Dar said...

Wow Cher, You and Nina were the only ones to get the moon flowers to, you will have to save some seed for Mel and I. The spiked globe seedpod is awesome.
Went to the parade and saw Shan, Todd, and the girls...they are lil dollies. Will send you a pic.
Your garden looks great...mine is under the mud. Nice peas and pea-picker.

Dee said...

Beautiful garden. This has been the greenest summer I can remember.

The Retired One said...

Your garden and fence look so neat and organized1 Our veggie garden looks like drunken fairies flew around spewing seeds everywhere amongst the weeds.LOL

AL said...

Cool! Your photos makes me want to start a little garden in the backyard but I don't have the time. Good for you!

moni said...

Love your garden Cher, so green and healthy looking. I am amazed at your peas, when I lived in Missouri, peas were considered cold weather plants and were gone by mid May. I don't think they would thrive here in SW NM. Love all of your flowers, they are so pretty.

jack69 said...

Wow, Dar went to the moon to get seeds, I knew the girl reached high, but the moon? LOL

Beautful shots Cher. THE sisters have green thumbs, you are probably a tough lady too (some do say brat, but I wouldn't repeat it!)

Met your mom, she is one great lady!
SOOOOOO you are a yooper! dat's good!
Love from your old home town, Park FAlls.