Aug 16, 2010

Herding Cats

Trying to get a picture with all my brothers and sisters at a family wedding is like trying to herd up a bunch of stray cats.  We were all there, but by the time the cameras were pulled out ~ everyone was heading in a different direction! So we took some more casual pics the following day. The best I could do was to get MOST of us, but we are still missing our two brothers Doug and Randy whom I will have to work my magic and photo-shop them into the picture later.  Those two trouble - makers, I'll get them yet! lol

Front: Mom and our brother Eric
Back: From left to right
Cheryl (me) and Thom
Linda and Jim
Darla and Bill
Melody and Perry
Colleen and Mike

AND ... we finally had a nice pic of just the two of us taken:
~ thanks Staci ~
what a fantastic wedding my niece Sara and Don had
Sara is the daughter of Mel from
I will let Mel share the more detailed pics of the bride and groom
after all, it was their daughter's wedding. I love them all!!!

more later, time to can some green beans


jack69 said...

I love the title, it gives the perfect name to the situation.
I was hoping to see you and your hubby, and also I was hoping to see Slim & Bill dressed up! LOL I am sure I will see that when Mel comes down to earth and relapses!
Thanks for the entry. OUr first view of the groom, thanks. Hope they are very happy!
Love from down in St. Joseph, Home of the Pony Express!
Now, can those beans!

Cathy Clementz said...

HA! What a good way to describe getting a group together for a photo! You nailed it with that!! Looks like everyone was very happy and that the weather cooperated!

The Retired One said...

I love weddings because it is the only time relatives all make the time to join (other than funerals). Looks like you had a great time!

Dar said...

Oh what a week...and weekend! We sure had fun and you are so funny!
Was great hugging your necks again and joining in the grins and giggles. Wasn't that Bailey something with her singing? Cannot believe she is only 4 and has so many songs memorized. Just like the rest of the family.

~mel said...

Cher & Thom ~ THANK YOU so much for all your help!!! I hope your finger is healing from slicing cucumbers. No reports of finding a mysterious piece of flesh anywhere. eewwwww
Thom... I found it hard to believe... but we had to return a full quarter barrel of beer that went untapped. Were you "not up to par" in partaking of the refreshing ale??? LOVE YOU ~~~ and the next day photo of all of us isn't too bad considering the fact that we were all in recovery mode. lol Next get together... YOUR HOUSE!!