Aug 23, 2010

A Flower Tale

Come spring those little seeds were planted with hopes that one day they would sprout into some healthy little plants.
They did sprout and they grew and grew and grew and then one day they blossomed ~ and blossomed.
At night they unfurled, one after another, they unfurled.
through the night,
  but then again they are called Moon flowers.

Thank you Dar, for my Christmas card.


jack69 said...

Beautiful story and beautiful flowers. You Sisters are something else!!! I wonder if there are more 'Three Sisters' that blog?
From Colorado!
Sherry & Jack

~mel said...

Be sure to save some seed ~ maybe if I get some from you I'll have better luck. The ones I got from Darla never germinated... bummer. I'm not blaming Dar ... just that I didn't have any luck with them. That's really a cool looking plant though. ~~ JD stopped in today and said he "saw my sister's glads" and was he ever glad he did. lol (on facebook).

Dar said...

Your Welcome Cher.~~~Your Moon Flowers are amazing. Leave at least one of the plants to see if it overwinters. I believe it was you who told me they are a perennial there. Good Luck, not that you need any with that green thumb you have developed. I feel badly that Mel's never germinated tho. Please share some seed with her.
Merry Christmas

The Retired One said...

How perfectly wonderful!

DoanLegacy said...

Beautiful story, which grows into beautiful flowers! They are precious!