Jun 28, 2013

Persistance Pays Off

We planted grapes last year in hopes that they would survive our northern winters.  This spring we had what we called "the winter that would never end."

When it kept on snowing and snowing and snowing well beyond normal, I commented to my husband that when it would finally melt that the grapes should benefit from the slow melting and deep root watering.

I guess I was right ~ the grapes are coming along nicely! 

And those wonderful little pollinators showed up right on schedule.  I've noticed that we have a lot of bees this year, and several different types.  Buzz on little guys, buzz on! 

And being that I'm into 'companion gardening' you know - planting things that enhance each other - I discovered that chives do well with grapes! They're supposed to help each other in one way or another.  Don't ask how or why, I just follow a guide I found on the internet. And if it's on the internet it can't be wrong - can it? 

Look out arbor, we're about to cover you!  And check out those teensy-weensy clusters of grapes!


TexWisGirl said...

oh, good for you! and that you have bees, too!

jack69 said...

I am so glad you are having luck with grapes. I have never had any and I have tried at least 20 times.
Sherry did find some Muscadines behind the house once. They are still there, but the grapes, nada.

Dee said...

I see grape jam in the future :)

~mel said...

I see grape wine in the future!

Dar said...

and juice. Your grapes are very healthy. It must be those lil bees. We have a lot of bees again finally, too. Love to see our pollinators. Can't wait to hug your neck next week.

Dar said...

so, did your mourning doves eat some of your peas and beans...caught ours red-handed ... I cannot get over the size of those grape leaves...have a great wine yr.
BlessYa and See Ya next wkend.