Jun 18, 2013

Gypsy Wagon

I want a gypsy wagon-art studio-napping nook.
Oh Honey ~~~ 

Or maybe a vintage trailer to make over
I’ve done that before and then sold it ~
Fun project! 


Dicky Bird said...

I have a vintage camper waiting for me to fix it up. I want this too. I thought a mobile shop for the flea markets would be fun! Act like a trailer to haul your junk there and then set it up outside and inside the camper. Blessings from Ringle. :)

Dar said...

I remember your Watermelon Retreat Trailer...if you remember who you sold it to, maybe they are ready to return it to it's X????wouldn't that be a miracle...Cher, I know you must have pictures...show them off. Or~~give Thom the pleasure of finding one for you :)

TexWisGirl said...


~mel said...

I remember your camper ~ that was the cutest lil' thang! I was amazed how much room it had in it. Sometimes I really miss those fun days of camping - we sure did do our share of it:) We're thinking of getting a truck camper, so we can pull the boat and getting back into doing that again. Find a trailer!!

jack69 said...

You do have a knack, and I would bet the other trailer was a doozy. neat thinking!!!
Maybe we should rework the motor home?
Sending Love from Biloxi Mississippi. I
m enjoying typing that word I learned early in life. ((HUGS)) to you and Thom

E.C. said...

Oh cool, I bet your camper was adorable. These would be so fun and inspiring to have. :)

Dee said...

I would love any one of these....:)