Jan 18, 2013


Today I'm taking a little trip down Moody Rd.
Today I will vent!
I'm tired of stupidity!
I'm tired of the loss of family values!
I'm tired of people who find pleasure in others misery!
I'm tired of recorded messages!
I'm tired of lack of customer service!
I'm tired of people who feel they have to fill the voids in their lives with material things!
I'm tired of people who feel threatened with conversation
if you don't agree with them!
I'm tired of these gray days!
I'm tired of cooking!
I'm just plain tired of all the bitching and moaning
and here I am doing it myself!
But it feels good to just get things out
there every once in while - so I vent!


~mel said...

Well AMEN to that sister! A little venting now and then does the body good :) You know what I'm tired of ~ hypocrites! People who live there lives one way and put on the act that their life is something else when the mood hits them. Thanks for sharing. I'll never tire of you ~ Love ya!!!

jack69 said...

Me & my twin Mel agree. I definitely agree with you both.. So VENT ON!

Love you! (((HUGS))) from miserable , cold Wildwood. Down to 60 hee cloudy and windy. Florida is supposed to be Sunshine and 80! hahahahahaha

Love ya, you will be much better now!! Go hug Thom!!

Dee said...

Venting with you.....I feel better now too. :)

Winderly-Winderly said...

I'd like to vent with you! Mine is about ultra WHITE headlights. I had to make a trip to town last night and as I left a busy parking lot, was stopped short by oncoming traffic on a busy 5 lane thoroughfare. Frustrated enough that I had to wait forever, here comes this huge diesel crew cab behind me and JUST as the traffic was clearing, he saw fit to put his ultra whites on HIGH BEAM!!! They immediately completely blinded me through my side view mirror and I couldn't see anything to save myself. I was so mad when I finally threw caution to the wind to make my get away, I surprised my own self by gunning my poor little Malibu to get into traffic safely but I'd like to know WHAT IN HECK DO WE NEED BRIGHT ULTRA WHITE LIGHTS ON VEHICLES ANYWAY?????? What ARE those things????

THERE!!! Now I feel better!

Dar said...

I'd vent but I'm just too pooped to putter...
I agree with Mel...never will I tire of you, dear sis from afar.