Feb 5, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Dates

My husband and I have a standing Saturday morning date from 8:00 - 10:30.  Not too long ago he was asking me if I remembered the televisoin min-series "How the West was Won" starring James Arness, Brian Keith and several others. It's about the Macahan family. I did recall it but hadn't seen it in years! And I mean years! Well the series is now showing on Saturday mornings on the Western Classics Channel. We're loving it! 
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jack69 said...

We all will be looking for you back!
I am looking forward to seeing some of that series. It was produced and shown while were were in Cuba and did not get current TV.
I have watched a couple re-runs and love james Arness anyway!

Hope you guys are staying warm.

Love from Florida.

Fred Alton said...

My favorite kind of TV show!

Anonymous said...

My DH loves westerns- we recently joined netflix and watch one here and there together when we have time.

bee blessed

Dar said...

Ha, we just watched How The West Was Won too...it was awesome.

moni said...

I love the Western Channel. I have comcast because it gives me two western channels, lol. "How the west was won" is a great classic.