Feb 3, 2011

Dog Gone It

Too frustrated to blog tonight - just did a page about computer issues and the dang post disappeared - go figure! I've been having trouble leaving comments too so if you don't get them from me - I appologize.  However; I am still enjoying your blogs.  I'll try again later - until then I will try to figure this mess out. See you later!


Cathy Clementz said...

I've had that same issue with leaving comments!! Well, maybe it isn't the SAME, but I have to submit it about 3 or 4 times before it "takes". This doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it is frustrating.

Fred Alton said...

Now that's a timely comment!

jack69 said...

That missing entry is resting with all the others. They sit somewhere in CYBER space and laugh at us. None of them want to come home because they have no roots, no past to remember. LOL

I think there is a key on my right pinky, lower on the key board that I hit sometimes and what ever I am typing is GONE. It always happens when I think I am typing 500 words a minute. LOL
Love you lady. Stay warm. Come back SOONER!
(I have started trying to copy every comment so if I lose it I can paste it back, the very time I don't, I lose it!)

Emily@SENSELESSsophistication said...

I hate when that happens :(
Thanks so much for all your sweet comments!! I hope you sre staying bundled up!! Happy Weekend!

Remington said...

Happens here sometimes too! I hope you have a fun filled weekend, my friend!