Sep 19, 2013

Harvest Time 2013

Canning Season 
 Yummy - home grown carrots! 
 Pickled Beets 
 Canned Tomatoes
 End of Season Mix
 and Stewed Tomatoes 
Green Tomatoes and Dilly Tomatoes 
 and dehydrated Herbs 
 Another batch of parsley
 and garden onions - mmm 
and fresh potatoes 
and will I find time to dry the thyme?
 and more 
 and more tomatoes? 


jack69 said...

You are amazing. Those are works of art. Memories of mama's pantry, but actually with more art than mom.

You should be able to sell the photos for health food restaurants. They definitely look healthful....
Great entry.... Fall must be coming on!

TexWisGirl said...

aw, good for you!!! my mom always pickled beets. i can't eat another one in my life...

Dee said...

Beautiful to look at and better to eat.:) Is fall starting to show its array of color up there yet?

Zoey said...

Wow! What an amazing amount of work you do for your family. I wish I lived in your home during the winter months!

Dar said...

wow, Cher, your harvest looks so good. I've been 'at it' too, but glad to finally be back on line. Missed your artsy photos and you, of course. What kind of potatoes are those, they are so the end of season mix. great photos
God Gifted You

Sara S. said...

Mmmm pickled beets... love 'em!!! You sure have an abundance of tomatoes this year. I was talking with Staci the other day and she was making salsa and stewed tomatoes for chili with her tomatoes. It sounded like she had quite a few also and still has lots more to go. Great pics as usual and I hope you enjoy your "Labors of Love" this winter! Love ya and Miss ya!