Nov 12, 2014

First Storm of the Season

Brr … what a difference two weeks makes!  On Oct 30th we picked fresh lettuce from the garden and sliced up the last of our ripened tomatoes for a meal of BLT's. Today is Veteran's Day (THANK YOU TO ALL OUR REAL HEROES) and we had a snow storm.

Between last night and today we had over a foot and a half of snow to move and more expected to fall tomorrow. Drifting caused this first snow to swell up to my hips.  And it wasn't that light fluffy stuff either - it was damp and heavy! I had a good cardio workout moving it. But the good news is - it gave my guy a chance to try out his new snow blower ~ and it worked great. 


TexWisGirl said...

oh, my! a foot and a half! wow!!!

jack69 said...

Mel & Dar want Thom to bring his toy south!!!
The tomatoes are beautiful and a BLT sounds great.
(The snow is beautiful, I like PICTURES of snow)
Love to you and THE MAN!
From central Florida we are at 81*. BUT we did not have pretty tomatoes!!!!

Dee said...

Just heard on the news that Marquette got three feet of snow...Wet and heavy snow is the worst...keep it up there :) I think you are suppose to get more snow where you are...enjoy your garden food...this is the weather it tastes the best in.

Dar said...

You did get a dumpin' on ya. We didn't get quite that much but plenty, none the less. It took Bill over 6 hours to plow us out and to the cabin with the tractor and plows, one on the front, one on the back...what a mess so early ha? Looks like the snow blower's working fine. Jack is right. Bring it on.
Now let's see if you get this it hasn't been working for me. loveyaSis

Dar said...