Nov 19, 2010

My Pillow Fetish

I have fallen in love with throw pillows.
Southwestern styles came with the sofa.
All the others I found for $1.00 a piece
Oh how I love the Good Will Store.
Can you believe only a buck a piece?  
Aren't they beauties? 


Cathy Clementz said...

They ARE pretty!! It is amazing what you can get when sometimes you didn't even know you were looking for it!

jack69 said...

Boy am I glad my pictures are not working. I hate those pillows. What is it with you girls, you fill up a perfectly good couch or bed with pillows.
Uh oh, but since Sherry also has the same fettish, I really love them. Can't do without them. I think they are wonderful. Next to a good shot at a buck with a giant rack, I can't think of anything better at this time. hahahaha!

True story: My sister (Kat)loved to buy pillows with the cover having a zipper so she could wash them. She picked up one at a thrift store and later when she opened it she found a $100 bill. She had paid a quarter for the pillow.

WhatKarenSees said...

Hi Cher
I just commented on another blog how much I love throw pillows and I have different ones for each season. I have neutral leather furniture in my great room instead of a print so I can change it up often. I love these pillows you posted. What a beautiful way to decorate for the fall. These are my favorite colors, too! Thanks for posting on my blog. I've enjoyed my visit here. You have fun and interesting photos and posts. I'll be 'following' you and I'll visit again soon, and I hope you come back and visit me again too!

Lynn Stevens said...

Ohhhh there yummy! so rich and for only a buck, you can't go wrong!

WhatKarenSees said...

P.S. Cher, just wanted to thank you for helping me figure out how to post thumbnail links. My goal was to find a way to showcase my photography friend's photos on my blog, and I think this is going to work. I have a Phun Phriday theme that I will do this on often and I hope you'll participate. Thanks again and I'll be back soon.