Nov 27, 2010

Close Up - But What?

Look at what was looking at me
 How would you like to see
some moose pass by your window?
Oh how I miss my Alaskan experiences
We tossed them some cabbage
 But they still loved to browze
Then they napped in our lawn ~
perfect view from the kitchen.
The moose cow and calf
 set up camp in our yard for
a couple of months
 back in 2004.


jack69 said...

I think I would love it. Sherry would not stick around with that cold and snow. haha. Soooo I would leave too.

Thanks for sharing the shots from the past. And especially from Alaska. That was my dream, so we drove up, After we reached the Yukon, Sherry became as excited as I.

Our greatest trip. Thanks for the pictures from a cooler time than when we were there.

Love from NC.
Sherry & jack.

~mel said...

I know you're missing Alaska ~ but the UP has moose too. We missed you when you lived so far away and so did your kids and grandbabies. Remember...???

Cathy Clementz said...

I never knew you lived in Alaska before!! Do you have a blog about that experience some place?

Kay said...

Very cool post. Love the moose.

Dar said...

You speak of missing ALASKA so much, that, maybe it will be one of the first places you revisit when you get your motorhome and start traveling.,huh? I love the moose shots, so cool so close to the window, but I'm glad she didn't feel the need to break the glass and come in a raid the refrigerator. Did you give treats of cabbage all winter? No wonder they stayed. They heard you were a darn good cook!

Susan: My Food Obsession said...

OMG! I can't belive how close to the house it got. I would love to visit Alaska one day!

Sue said...

Your pics make me think of that show, 'Northern Exposure', where they were walking down the main street of the town...There's something elegant about these animals...Would love to get to see Alaska someday.


Dee said...

I love moose and would P my pants if one looked in the window. :)

moni said...

I know I wouldn't like Alaska, because it is too cold there. However, I love reading stories about Alaska and novels too. I do love the Moose. I have a 16 month Moose calendar from Anchorage, AK

WhatKarenSees said...

What a wonderful experience. I agree with Sue, this is a scene right out of 'Northern Exposure'. No wonder you miss your Alaskan experiences!