Nov 26, 2010

Wine Anyone?

I did this scrap page a while back.
Wine ~ we like wine!
But what to do
with all those empty bottles ...

Suggestions welcome!


Dar said...

Place the colored ones in the windows to gather and reflect their prisms, use as vases, dime holders, make Vishnik of many flavors and refill them with homemade goodness to be enjoyed in your coffee, cocoa, with your pop...very warming., or break them, line a birdbath or a path grouted with concrete...go wild, child.
BlessYourHeart and have I told you lately, that I love you, Sis?

jack69 said...

I just saw somewhere that the monks somewhere built a small chapel out of them.
Dar says go wild, but you know better than to listen to her!!!!LOL

Love from North Carolina

~mel said...

Do a fred smith ~ make concrete animals for your yard ~ or characters of a reenactment of the civil war in glass and concrete ~ then jack and sherry will visit you!!

The Retired One said...

Nice collage!

Sheila said...

No tips for the bottles, but I'm sure you will think of something good. Take care, Sheila