Nov 16, 2010

FOG - Or is it just my mind?

We are in a fog again ...
or is it just my mind?  
I feel myself sinking 
into BLAH blah land.
Not to worry -
this too shall pass. 
But when it's so
gray & lifeless
 it's hard to find


jack69 said...

It is just in your mind, it is beautiful and WARM here in central Florida, Just to bring up some more miserable news!!!!!

Love you, as always, things pass and Life is always good!!!

Love from down here. We head North tomorrow our selves. Of course you guys don't consider North Carolina NORTH!!!!

Sheila said...

We are cloudy and rainy here in NC, will like it better when it is cloudy and snowy...ha. Take care, Sheila

Dee said...

You have to be tough to live in the U.P. but you are blessed by so much of natures beauty.I love the snow pictures. We haven't had any snow that has stayed on the ground yet...the weather man is talking snow...but I think he is talking flurries.You may need one of those sun lamps to help with the gray days and be sure to take vitamin D.****Blessings. Dee****