Nov 18, 2010

Best Turkey Ever

With Thanksgiving a week away I've been thinking about the best turkey I had ever roasted.  It was in 2002 and we were liivng in Alaska at the time.  We invited our closest friends over to join us and the feast was on

This photo found on Simply 

I had found the recipe in a magazine. No, I don't remember which one. Yes - I probably still have the issue as I can't seem to part with magazines very easily. (but I have reduced my subscriptions down to just a few) So I know somewhere in one of my 2002 issues I should be able to retrieve the BEST TURKEY recipe ever - but where?!   
To the best of my recollection it was an olive oil rub with herbs that was placed under the skin as well as on top. But do you think I can drag out of my memory bank exactly what all was in it?   Herbs, minced garlic, worchestershire sauce, soy sauce????  Whatever it was - it was soooooo GOOD - that I recall for sure.  So does my husband as he mentions it whenever I make a turkey.  Excuse me as I start hunting through old magazines. 


jack69 said...

I have never had a bad Thanksgiving Turkey. Oh wait, yeah there was one. The one I where I was to turn off the Oven when I came in from Bowling and didn't! That one, nor the day was a thankful day to remember.

But YOurs sounded great.
Have a great weekend.

Love from North Carolina. (I told you we would come North!) hahahaha

Sheila said...

Good luck, hope you find it. I'm like Jack, I don't think I have had a bad turkey either. Take care, Sheila

WhatKarenSees said...

This turkey does indeed look delicious. Yesterday I took my daughter and 3 daughter-in-laws to a cooking class taught by a very accomplished chef who has won a ton of awards for his cooking and the restaurants he owns. He demonstrated all his recipes and secrets for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Then of course we got to eat everything he fixed, and needless to say, it was all out of this world. The turkey was the best and most moist I've ever eaten. He said to most common problem is too dry. He said it didn't matter if you buy fresh, frozen, or what brand. The first thing he said was to rip the timer out because they are set for higher than what is the correct temperature. Internal temperature checked with a meat thermometer should be 165 degrees. But he said the most important thing to do is "brine the bird" before you roast it. Make a solution of Kosher salt, sugar and water and submerge the turkey 4 to 6 hours. He gave all the chemical/biological reasons why this makes the meat moist and retains the moisture. Then rinse, rub on spices (no salt) then roast in open pan. After eating the turkey he cooked for us, I'm sold!!!

Elise said...

Hi there,

I noticed that you are using my photo of roast turkey. I'm delighted that you like it enough to post it here on your site. I ask that if you would like to continue to use it that you provide attribution (Photo by next to the photo with a working link to the source recipe on my site, which is:

Thank you so much for your consideration!