Jan 29, 2010

Fortune Cookie

We went out to eat at a wonderful Chinese restaurant last night. My fortune cookie said "Tomorrow you will shine in creativity." 

Well tomorrow is here and I have to believe whomever that cookie was intended for ~ it most certainly was not intended for me.  To even attempt being creative, I would first have to clean. I can't even find the countertop of my crafting area.  I hate to tell you but that is just not going to happen ~ at least not today.

Ah, but here's a thought... I could take one project into the family room, there's a bare tabletop in there.  I might have to pull out something to tinker with just so my fortune comes true.  lol

Now where's my crystal ball to see what I should do ~


Dar said...

You are Too Funny...so did the crystal ball help? And, if so, what crafty thing did you come up with on this cold Jan. day?
Bless You

lil sis said...

Hey Cher, great minds think alike. Mikes
been wanting oysters on the half shell for months now. We got a grand opening flyer in the mail with them as a primary picture on it for
a buffet item.... so I tell Mike he's in luck
and there we go..the 3rd and 4th people to get
in for the grand opening...right off the bat
Mike asks where the oysters are cuz he cant find them - only to be told that they don't come out til 4:00...its now only 10:45 in the
am. Needless to say he says thats false advertising and won't eat a bite... so had to
watch me eat two platefuls of other goodies before we leave...
poor fella! He didn't even want his fortune
cookie! Mine said I was alluring... some more
bad advertising - rofl!!!